At Rudy Bormans Coaching we help our customers get to know, accept and motivate themselves, so we can cause real transformations.

Our customers are:

  • Companies.
  • Public entities.
  • Individuals.

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Rudy Bormans

This Company is backed by International Coach Rudy Bormans, an expert in Communication and Motivation, who has a charismatic personality that helps guide families, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs in their Development and Training Programs.

My work with Rudy began in October 2016 and still continues with weekly sessions via Skype or face-to-face. It’s a constant learning, because his work dynamics with me are: “You learn from yourself, through me.”

Director Sinfónica de Las Palmas

Your method? Observation and spoken word. If modifies your insides, but he does nothing else than speaking to your frankly and giving you the most powerful tool in the world (to be yourself), so that it can be you who causes that desired change.

Finca 3

“The outsized charisma of Rudy and his transparent communication, between coach and  executive as well as with the rest of the employees, were highly important. While working together with Rudy, we became aware of his great enthusiasm for what he is doing.”

Los Sánchez

“The enthusiasm of Rudy, his professionalism, his knowledge and his experience, his integrity and confidence really created the feeling that we are working in a team nowadays. He is a master in communication and he showed us the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication.”

El Kilo - San Rafael

“I would like to emphasize Rudy’s big emotional intelligence as coach, because this is the source of the qualities of a good leader. He possesses a great power to motivate, always looks for a comprehensive solution and strongly opposes a lot of problems.”

BETA Canarias

“With the coming of Rudy Bormans Coaching, all of us replaced ourselves. We improved almost all the tangible and intangible aspects of the company. We defined goals and objectives and we also reviewed a lot of aspects of which we thought in the past that they were correct.”


“Thanks to the work of Rudy Bormans Coaching and Rudy, our team is more united today and there is a better communication between the team members, what made it possible to a great extend that we row in the same direction here at Hipermueble Canarias.”


“Rudy Bormans Coaching managed to get my team out of its comfort zone. Now, my team is more engaged in an active way. They are worried about and busy  to improve the results, the work organisation and offering an excellent service”.

Angélica León - Belleza Integral

“Rudy Bormans Coaching managed to introduce a new work model that is based on the proactive behaviour, the enthusiasm and the commitment of all the personnel. At the sales department, the results are remarkable. We have created a coherent sales team that is able to reach our goals.”

MADEFOR - The Singular Kitchen