Las Palmas Symphonic Conductor



My name is Rafael Sánchez Araña and I am an orchestra conductor. I met Rudy through a relative, right after a concert I’d given. I have to admit that my feeling when we were introduced was that we’d already met, maybe in another time, in another place, who knows… what I can firmly state is that he came in at a tipping point in my life.

My work with Rudy began in October 2016 and still continues with weekly sessions via Skype or face-to-face. It’s a constant learning, because his work dynamics with me are: “You learn from yourself, through me.” Rudy is a wonderful channel who asks questions (those we try to avoid due to laziness, fear or lack of emotional responsibility) so we can see ourselves and recognize our greatness in every aspect of our lives, and thus achieve that longed Success and much desired Happiness.

With him I understood and better still, I felt that “everything that happens is appropriate”, that what appears in our lives happens due to very specific reasons and that there are only two options: “Success or learning” and that Success “is doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well”.