Rudy Bormans Coaching


Since 2008, we have trained more than 200 companies and inspired more than 10,000 people through our Corporate and Personal Coaching programs, Intensive Training and Conferences.

Our commitment is for any Person, Professional, Company and/or Organization, who seeks to see improvements in themselves from the very beginning of each process, to quickly transform their ability to influence, lead and create a positive change in those around them. We will be your guide, your inspiration, your friend, your professional advisor and your ear, to learn cutting-edge strategies that will create positive changes both in yourself and others.

At RBC we can generate extraordinary results in people, companies and institutions. We make intangible things tangible, to be able to measure them, and generate success and excellence.


To be a Business Coaching reference in the Canary Islands, while expanding at a national and international level, allowing us to become a unique and special Business Coaching reference.

We aspire to become a high quality Intensive Face-to-Face Training Company that also offers High Impact Conferences nationally and internationally.


1. Customization: Each person, Human Group and Business Organization is different and exceptional. That’s why we design, implement and manage in a customized and unique way.

2. Applied knowledge and Methodology: In our continuous quest for learning and excellence, we give our clients the most avant-garde and effective resources and tools available, which they then implement and experience.

3. Integration: In order to develop effective systems and habits, we work in a holistic manner with all the elements that generate them: communication, proactivity, flexibility, positive attitude, leadership, active listening, teamwork, conflict management, customer service, responsibility and motivation.

4. Competence development: All the actions we develop are aimed at increasing the recipient’s competence level. It’s about becoming more competent to be more competitive. Any training is directed towards developing a vital competence, driving any Person and Company into achieving excellence in the competence to be developed.

5. Practicality: Every action we propose has an immediate applicability in the field, is easily measurable and has verifiable results.

6. Evaluation and follow-up: We support the entire Development and Coaching process, from project planning and design, to the project’s evaluation and follow-up, to guarantee results.

7. Adaptability: Our Coaching Programs are open. They are models that continually incorporate groups of people, resources, relationships, etc., to maximize results.

8. Continuous improvement and challenge: In times of market change and confusion, companies and professionals who make Coaching proposals, who develop their clients and lead them, through the challenge of excellence, will be able to conquer the professional summit.