Executive coaching is a confidential and independent process that aims at team leaders, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners and every other person that wants to raise his own potential, as well as the potential of his team.

Executive coaching assures that every executive follows his own way to reach his own personal goals and the goals of his company. The main objective is to develop the potential of the costumer in a personal way and to make it easier for him to reach his goals. It is the best way to develop your skills and competences and to increase the efficiency of the executives of your company.

Facing this type of responsibility requires preparation. That’s why being trained in leadership is necessary. In a company, the leader must know how to properly communicate his or her objectives, motivate based on them and lead at individual and group level. That is, they must be able to direct actions based on team creation, coordinating synergies, so that all components are involved in achieving a common goal. Leadership is also understood as the ability to take the initiative, manage, convene, promote, encourage, motivate, evaluate and analyze a group or team. Leadership is exercising a project’s executive activity in an effective and efficient manner.

In Rudy Bormans Coaching we guide individuals through the personal development process, which is designed to improve a leader’s success in achieving their professional goals within the organization’s context.