More and more Companies and Organizations recognize that motivational conferences are an important pillar, because they directly target emotions, reminding people of the team’s purpose, goals and values, the transcendence and/or feeling of belonging to said team.

Rudy Bormans is a Communications expert, and his charismatic way of connecting with his audience moves a lot of people who listen to him, he induces them into reflecting deeply on the issues he addresses.

Objectives and Philosophy

Techniques and ways to connect with an audience are used by company leaders, team leaders, and reinforces trust in every applicable area (personal, family, social, professional) to improve decision making and build confidence.

Rudy is able, through his Shocking Conferences, to generate a better perspective in his listeners, unblock personal blocks by working on awareness and helping everyone get out of their comfort zone, smashing through their predetermined beliefs.

Rudy doesn’t show any indifference through his very direct way of communicating and his main objective is to help people reflect on situations in their lives as a first step towards change.


Rudy Bormans has a very energetic, inspiring, personal, “live” style, that makes him unique in the lecturer-auditorium connection, for which he is repeatedly requested by participants who have attended his interventions.

Rudy makes everything “simple”, he uses the symbolism technique to reach any listener directly and unobtrusively. He is able to thrill his audience because he speaks from his own experience, and thus connects in an extraordinary manner with others.

Rudy is a Lecturer-Coach who applies positive psychology practices for Teams, Companies and Organizations.