Somebody once said that human resources are the most valuable assets from a company. This is the reason why companies have to attract potentially qualified candidates that can execute  the activities that are necessary for of a specific job. To assure that a company functions in a correct way, human resources has to identify itself with the skills that are required to fill in the available vacancies.

What worries a lot of companies nowadays, is the incapacity of their personnel. Unfortunately, it happens very often that an executive complains about the inefficiency and the mediocrity of his employees and about how much work is left in his or her company due to the bad characteristics of his or her employees. This incapacity has to be eliminated from the beginning by finding the best team possible by means of recruitment and selection. Organizations will always have the need to incorporate or replace personnel. As a consequence, the job market is very large and competitive. This changes finding new talents for an organization into a very difficult task and makes the process of recruitment and selection an essential instrument when it comes to enticing candidates to the company. 

What is the importance of a good selection?

1.- It provides the company with people with the suitable qualities for their function and thereby they dispose of the following advantages.

– Suitable persons require less education.
– They need less time to adapt to the company.
– More productivity and efficiency.
– Optimization of Human Resources.

2.- It helps to link people to the job that is the most suitable for them according to their characteristics and thereby one gets the following advantages:

– People are more satisfied with their job.
– A bigger sense of durability inside the company.
– More professional efficiency.


A headhunter is a professional who is responsible for finding the most suitable candidates for a vacancy or a job. This is the reason why they play an important role in the process of recruitment and in the search for work.

In Rudy  Bormans Coaching, we specialized ourselves in finding the ideal person for your company. We don not only analyze if the CVs are suitable for the job, but also if the capacities, the attitude and the tendencies that characterize the selected person are suitable to join the team of your company.

We are entering a new age that not only has demands concerning our education, but also concerning our skills to communicate with others.