Rudy Bormans Coaching

In 2009, the idea on which its founder and organizer had been brooding for a very long time saw the light of day. Legal life was breath into CumLaude Coaching in the same year in order to infect as much people as possible with its enthusiasm . Its main services include Business Coaching, Executive coaching, Leadership Coaching at an international level.

In 1996, Rudy Bormans started his academic career at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, where he studied Criminological Sciences. Previously, he had financed his first academic career as Social Assistant by washing cars, babysitting, working on a farm, etc. during the weekend. Starting an academic career was a clear and well-considered decision. Nevertheless, a lot of people from Rudy’s immediate environment doubted the aim of this study and his capacity to end this study with good marks, because of the high level of difficulty.

He only needed one year to complete the two first years of his academic career, by which he obtained a distinction. He also passed the third year. In the fourth year, he was selected to take part in an international exchange programme between Europe and Canada, which was financed by the European Community. While he was working at a police corps in Regina, a city that is situated in the centre of Canada, he wrote a thesis in English about mediation. Thanks to this thesis and the grades he got at his exams during the year, he obtained a high distinction.  At the presentation of the diplomas, he got a standing ovation of the 500 people who were present in the auditorium, including his professors, because they were so excited about this exceptional grade, the highest of all his fellow students.  

This is where the spirit of CumLaude comes from. With faith, desire, self-belief, a lot of sacrifices and by working hard. By pushing your own limits, you are able to reach whatever you want in this life. CumLaude Coaching wants to help everybody to distinguish (CumLaude) themselves, because it is completely convinced that each one of us has potential lying deep inside of us.

Today, Cumlaude Coaching has become “Rudy Bormans Coaching”, changing its image, with the purpose of becoming a company surrounded by professionals, under the direction, quality, methodology and professionalism of Rudy Bormans.

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